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Service and Support

We can provide fast response at the most reasonable labor rates to be found.
Because we realize that your phones and computers are an important part of your business, we offer 24x7x365 Emergency Service *

Residential and Commercial 

Telephone, Computer and Network Systems

Sales, Installation, Service and Repair.

Wire and Jacks for Telephone, Computer Networks and Television

Installed and Repaired.

New Service   Infrastructure Surveys         

Category 5 & 6 Cable Certification

Fiber Optic Cable Installed, Terminated and Tested.

Inside and Underground Wiring Installed and Located.

Video inspection and reporting for conduit 2" and larger.

Trenching and Excavating for new underground conduit and cable runs.

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We Accept

* Premium Labor rates apply before 8am and after 5pm Monday - Friday and all of Saturday and Sunday

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