Now offering Infrastructure and Wi-Fi Site Surveys.

Because we know that finding problems that need to be repaired after moving into a new facility can be frustrating, We can locate and repair any problems and make sure the phone and computer network infrastructure are turnkey when you move in.

Infrastructure Site Survey

This service consist of testing all voice and data connections within the site. A detailed report
with floor plan and jack locations as well as Certification Data is then compiled and sent to you electronically. At that time if any issues are found they can be addressed or resolved. 
This service is very useful for planning a move into an existing facility and having an accurate diagram of the existing infrastructure for additions, maintenance and upgrade planning.  

Wi-Fi Site Survey

This service consist of 

Passive Survey - Identifying and reporting on existing Wireless Access Points from out side sources to identify signal, channel and strength. This aids in planning to minimize the possibility of interference from rogue sources.

Active Survey - Setting up temporary wireless access points as needed and mapping the signal. we provide a report based on your floor plan showing coverage by access point, coverage by channel, heat map and specific information such as signal strength in Dbm and signal to noise ratio . If needed we can then make recommendations for the placement of access points to maximize coverage and minimize interference.

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